/World Series Drama: A Four-Minute Blackout

World Series Drama: A Four-Minute Blackout


Joe Torre, center, of Major League Baseball, met with umpires to discuss technical difficulties for the World Series broadcast.

Jamie Squire/Getty Images

For four minutes, Game 1 of the World Series disappeared from the air. When it returned, baseball’s increasing dependence on technology was starkly visible.

Fox temporarily lost power on Tuesday night in Kansas City, Mo., a technical meltdown that might have felt familiar to anyone who has been flustered by a crashed computer. That it happened in an extraordinarily public way and affected the game on the field, however, gave it the urgency of a crisis.

The game concluded in extra innings, but only after Fox, which paid about $500 million for the broadcast rights to the World Series, resolved a glitch that sent millions of television viewers scrambling for alternatives at both ends of the technological spectrum: the Internet or the radio.

It happened before the Royals came to bat in the bottom of the…

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