/Wimbledon-area shops compete to design tennis storefronts

Wimbledon-area shops compete to design tennis storefronts

LONDON (AP) — Novak Dogovic and Andy Purrey could end up among the winners in Wimbledon this year.

Caricatures of the two Grand Slam champions — or, at least, their half-human, half-animal counterparts — are hanging in the window at Pet Pavilion, a grooming salon in the village of Wimbledon within walking distance of the All England Club.

The presentation is one of several dozen on display throughout the village, which created a competition for businesses three years ago. From bakeries to beauty salons, and clothing stores to coffee shops, tennis balls, rackets and more can be seen in at least 63 storefronts by anyone taking a stroll along the neighborhood streets.

“They’re showing the fans that they’re supportive,” said Elena Vesnina, a Russian tennis player. “It doesn’t matter if they support you or not — they’re going to watch tennis.”

Planning for this year’s…

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