/Why Isn’t Scotland Producing More Great Golfers?

Why Isn’t Scotland Producing More Great Golfers?

“I don’t know why Scottish golf isn’t better than it is,” Knox said. “It should be. I mean, the amateur system is great and coaching’s great. But for some reason, there just haven’t been as many players to win, especially from my kind of age.”

For Knox, a top 10 finish at the 2005 Scottish Men’s Open Stroke Play Championship at Royal Aberdeen stoked his desire to play professionally, lifting golf above soccer in his pursuits.

“That was kind of the turning point for me,” Knox said. “I was like: ‘I think I can do this. I’m not as bad as I thought I was.’”

He hired a recruiting agency to help place him at a university in the United States, and he scoured his list of options.

“I started narrowing it down,” he said. “I was like: ‘Cold, out. Cold, out. Florida, ooohhh.’ You grow up in Scotland and you’re cold pretty much your whole life. So going to a school where the sun shines was my No. 1 priority.”

He landed at Jacksonville University, and when the coach asked him if he knew another player to round out the squad, he brought along Duncan Stewart, who had grown up 30 minutes away in northern…

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