/Why did Phil Jackson, Knicks part ways? Let's count the reasons

Why did Phil Jackson, Knicks part ways? Let's count the reasons


Phil Jackson’s time as New York Knicks president has come to an end. Here is some of the controversy that surrounded his tenure.

So why is Phil Jackson out in New York?

Let us count the reasons.

Jackson was fighting battles on several fronts, his popularity dwindling internally and forces from the outside coming his way as well. The Carmelo Anthony camp was dug in, the Knicks star and his wife having made it clear that they didn’t want to be shoved out of town by Jackson while Anthony’s associates did all they could to help in the faceoff with the front office.

The Kristaps Porzingis contingent wasn’t any different, frustration rising from the time he skipped his exit interview in April to the recent round of trade rumors that were seen as surreal by so many. One minute Porzingis was their “unicorn,” the 21-year-old big man who could do it all while giving hope to their embattled fan base. And the next, after Jackson publicly admonished Porzingis earlier this month for skipping the exit interview while acknowledging that he…

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