/Was Super Bowl LI best of all time? Ranking every game

Was Super Bowl LI best of all time? Ranking every game


USA TODAY Sports’ Lindsay Jones breaks down how the Patriots managed to pull off a comeback for the ages in Super Bowl LI.

Super Bowl LI proved to be an instant classic, with all the elements that comprise an unforgettable team. So even though it’s the most recent Super Bowl, we’re perfectly comfortable immediately jumping it to the top of our all-time Super Sunday rankings (season noted in parentheses):

1. LI (2016) New England Patriots 34, Atlanta Falcons 28 (OT): This game lacked nothing. Patriots QB Tom Brady and head coach Bill Belichick cemented their legacies, each becoming the first at his respective post to earn five Super Bowl titles. But securing immortal greatness required an all-time performance. Brady threw for a Super Bowl record 466 records, leading his team to 31 unanswered points as New England forged the greatest comeback ever on Super Sunday — Atlanta led 28-3 in the third quarter — while taking Super Sunday into overtime for the first time. WR Julian Edelman finally made a miraculous Super Bowl catch that benefited…

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