/Tiger Woods opens up in emotional, heartfelt interview

Tiger Woods opens up in emotional, heartfelt interview

From the start, Tiger Woods seemed hard-wired for greatness. In his prime he was almost looked upon as a kind of superhuman — an unbreakable, unrelenting winning machine. It’s that outlook that led to the severity of his downfall. Nobody could quite believe how it was all unraveling.

Some combination of the scandal, his injuries and continuing poor play means that mystique has been completely dashed away at this point, and it seems he’s coming to grip with it himself. He struck a somber tone in a press conference on Tuesday, and on Thursday, TIME‘s Lorne Rubenstein published an extensive interview with Woods.

There were so many fascinating moments that you’d have to read the interview in its entirety to do it any justice. What stood out most, though, was how sincere Tiger sounded talking about some incredibly personal things that he usually keeps close.

How reflective he is on his career:

“I’ve done a lot more in the game than I ever thought I could. And to be in my 30s, and to have done this much? I never would have foreseen that.”

Describing the time his back gave out and he was left lying alone, in pain on the floor.

“I’ll never forget when I really…

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