/Study of effects of concussions gets NFL support

Study of effects of concussions gets NFL support

The NFL is lending financial support to a British doctor studying long-term effects of concussions in sports, and specifically retired horse jockeys.

Dr. Michael Turner, medical director of the International Concussion & Head Injury Research Foundation, says the NFL is matching the roughly $600,000 he has raised privately for a new project in collaboration with similar research on other sports in the U.S. and Australia.

“Whether you’re knocked out or you have a concussion from falling off a horse or being a linebacker or whether you’re playing Aussie rules football – it’s all the same,” Turner told USA TODAY Sports in a phone interview Friday.

“Therefore, we have a huge opportunity here to gather a lot of data on lots of different individuals and come up with some really independent information and data with regard to how big a risk is it to take part in sport.”

The NFL will announce the partnership Saturday in London as it hosts the second annual International Professional Sports Concussion Research Think Thank – a meeting of experts affiliated with sports…

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