/Steph Curry starts MVP reign with vintage performance

Steph Curry starts MVP reign with vintage performance

OAKLAND – This was an old Steph Curry story, even if it came at the start of a new season.

The man has been overlooked his entire life, from the college days where he chose Davidson as a Plan B only after being disappointed that Plan A, Virginia Tech, couldn’t make room for him on scholarship; the NBA beginnings in 2009, when he was there for the Golden State Warriors’ taking at No. 7 only after Blake Griffin, Hasheem Thabeet, James Harden, Tyreke Evans, Ricky Rubio, and Jonny Flynn were gone.

And on and on..

But shouldn’t winning the NBA’s MVP award and the championship have changed all that? Shouldn’t the talk in the offseason have been far more about how Curry and the Warriors were more dangerous than anyone because, well, their entire core was back and 27-year-old superstars like Steph don’t typically decline in their prime?

Shoulda coulda woulda. Curry said all he needed to say about the matter on opening night.

His 40-point, seven-assist, six-rebound, two-steal outing in the Warriors’ 111-95 win over Anthony Davis’ New Orleans Pelicans not only showed that he’s not about to…

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