/Questions raised by the fifth College Football Playoff ranking

Questions raised by the fifth College Football Playoff ranking

One last time, we begin with the disclaimer: These rankings entertainment purposes only — oh, who are we kidding?

The College Football Playoff’s selection committee might really tear everything up each week and start over with a clean sheet of paper, as committee chairman Jeff Long used to say. But with the final rankings coming Sunday, we know and they know that this last preliminary set matters, if only to set the stage for potential controversy if chaos occurs this weekend.

The field is all but set now. But what happens if, for example, Clemson is upset by North Carolina in the ACC Championship? Or if Florida — we know, but go with us — beats Alabama in the SEC Championship? Who gets in? There are some clues in Tuesday’s Top 25. Once again, the committee’s ranking (and committee chairman Jeff Long’s answers) raised questions. We’ve got answers:

Can No. 3 Oklahoma fall out of the top four?

After finishing the season with a road beatdown of rival Oklahoma State, the Sooners are ranked No. 3 for the second consecutive week. As the Big 12 champion, it would…

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