/Police Found Tiger Woods Asleep at the Wheel

Police Found Tiger Woods Asleep at the Wheel

Woods seemed confused, saying he did not know where he was and asking how far he was from his house in Hobe Sound. The report noted that Woods was heading away from his house at the time.

Woods, 41, was tested for impairment and did not fare well. In the walking test he “could not maintain starting position. Missed heel to toe each time. Stepped off line several times.” He also struggled with the one-leg stand and finger to nose.

Asked if he understood instructions to recite the alphabet backwards he replied, “Yes, recite entire National Anthem backward.” He did eventually complete that task.


The mug shot of Tiger Woods after he was taken into custody in Jupiter, Fla., early Monday.

Palm Beach County Sheriff’s Office

Woods said he was on several medications, including Vicodin, a pain reliever, according to the report, first obtained by The Palm Beach Post.

Woods agreed to take a urine test, but the results were not immediately available. He was given a court date of July 5.

After 16…

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