/Pittsburgh coach's challenge is first in Stanley Cup Final

Pittsburgh coach's challenge is first in Stanley Cup Final


Published 10:29 p.m. ET May 29, 2017 | Updated 5 hours ago

PITTSBURGH (AP) — Penguins coach Mike Sullivan made the first coach’s challenge in Stanley Cup Final history on Monday night and got a Nashville goal wiped out.

In the second year the procedure has been allowed by the NHL, Sullivan challenged what looked like the Predators’ first goal when P.K. Subban scored 7:13 into the first period of Game 1.

Pittsburgh contended the play was offside. In consultation with the NHL’s situation room, linesman Brian Murphy ruled that Predators winger Filip Forsberg didn’t have possession of the puck and was therefore offside by inches , if not less.

After Subban’s goal was wiped out, the Penguins scored three goals on five shots later in the first period. The won the game 5-3.

“The impact of that moment, then the chain of events that happened after that with the penalty kills I think…

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