/Pay $740 for SRO at the World Series? ‘Ya Gotta Believe’

Pay $740 for SRO at the World Series? ‘Ya Gotta Believe’


Fans in the standing room only section of Citi Field during Game 3 on Friday.

Todd Heisler/The New York Times

When Thomas Dekenipp’s sister, Lisa, bought him a standing-room-only ticket to the first World Series game at Citi Field on Friday night, it did not feel quite right — and not just because he loves the Yankees.

Dekenipp knew that his best friend, Sean Dawson, a die-hard Mets fan, desperately wanted to go but could not afford even the cheapest tickets, the ones that came without a seat, which on the secondary market were running for more than four times their $125 face value.

So Dekenipp surreptitiously went to Dawson’s close friends and relatives and asked if they wanted to contribute to an early birthday present. In a matter of days, he had pledges for a little more than half of the $740 ticket that Dawson bought earlier on Friday.

“For a Mets fan and a guy with a ginger beard, that’s a lot for a Yankee fan to do,” Dekenipp said,…

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