/Packers stun Lions with Hail Mary to cap comeback

Packers stun Lions with Hail Mary to cap comeback

DETROIT – For all the wacky things that went wrong for the Green Bay Packers on Thursday night, it was the wackiest of all that went right.

And Aaron Rodgers’ 61-yard Hail Mary to win the game might very well have saved the season, too.

Overcoming a 20-point deficit, Rodgers took advantage of a last-ditch chance when the Detroit Lions were called for a facemask penalty on what should have been the final play of the game. Rodgers scrambled and scrambled and scrambled some more.

Then he let fly, and Richard Rogers somehow managed to come up with the ball in the end zone scrum.

As the crowd at Ford Field gasped, Aaron Rodgers raced into the end zone while the Packers bench poured onto the field.

Forgive them the enthusiasm. The Packers lose this game, and they may as well have kissed the playoffs goodbye.

The Packers have been reeling for weeks, losing four of their last five games after starting the season 6-0 to fall a game behind the Minnesota Vikings in the NFC North. They were so inept in the first half that…

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