/No Frills, No Crowds, No Money: The Lonely Road to Tennis Glory

No Frills, No Crowds, No Money: The Lonely Road to Tennis Glory

Racket strings can be another hidden cost. Each tournament provides a stringer, but stringing costs $20 per racket. Wozniak said she took six rackets and 30 reels of polyester string, also provided free by Yonex, to each tournament. Until this year with Yonex, she was spending $90 per package for gut strings and stringing three to six rackets per match.

Wozniak can detail every aspect of her routine and recall every expense.

She began playing tennis at 3 in Blainville, Quebec, outside Montreal, so none of this labor is new. In many ways, her current life mirrors her old one as a junior, except that now she is alone.

As a promising youngster, Wozniak was coached by her father, Antoni, a mechanic, who kept their Nissan Micra running years past its normal life expectancy. He drove it across North America and back, seemingly dozens of times, to ferry his daughter to junior amateur tournaments.

Wozniak nicknamed it Mr. Bean’s Car, from the British television show, and said it had 400,000 kilometers (about 249,000 miles) on it.

When her father could not travel, Wozniak’s mother took her on Greyhound buses, zigzagging across the southern…

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