/NBA free agency: Will 10 of biggest names stay or go?

NBA free agency: Will 10 of biggest names stay or go?


NBA free agency opens on July 1, and here are a handful of stars who could be on the move.

Breaking down what will happen with some of the top NBA free agents:

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Kevin Durant (unrestricted)

Stay or go? This one is easy. After Durant won his first title with the Warriors and was named Finals MVP, he has made it abundantly clear he’s staying put. But because the Warriors have 10 free agents in all, and because they might lose starting center Zaza Pachulia and key role players such as Andre Iguodala and Shaun Livingston, Durant is likely going to bend over backward to aid their cause. How? By taking a contract that is less than the maximum salary to preserve funds for his teammates (and likely a one-year deal so he can re-sign on a max deal next summer), and also waiting until later in the free agency period to do so as a way of letting Warriors general manager Bob Myers figure out all the finances first.

Steph Curry (unrestricted)

Stay or go? Curry isn’t going anywhere, either, but it remains to be seen…

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