/Minnesota coach retiring due to health issues

Minnesota coach retiring due to health issues

Minnesota football coach Jerry Kill retired Wednesday, effective immediately, citing advice of his doctor that if he continuted coaching he risked serious neurological problems.

Kill’s battle with epilepsy has been very public since taking the Minnesota job in 2011, as he suffered seizures during two games that year. He also had seizures on the sidelines one time in 2012 and in 2013, the latter of which forced him to take a leave of absence and miss seven games.

He said he had two seizures Tuesday before practice, reinforcing the notion that he knew he had coached his last game. “Last night, when I walked off the practice field, I feel like a part of me died,” he said Wednesday in a news conference at the university.

“You know the struggles I’ve been through, and some of them have returned,” he continued. “I don’t want to cheat the game.”

Kill informed his coaching staff of his decision early Wednesday morning.¬†Explaining his decision, Kill said,…

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