/Michael Vick's 6th grade daughter is star flag football QB

Michael Vick's 6th grade daughter is star flag football QB

Michael Vick has two daughters, Jada and London, and a son Mitez. While Mitez spent much of his youth away from Vick, his wife and his half-sisters, Jada and London grew up surrounded by their father’s football career, so it was no surprise that they might take an interest in the sport in their own right.

Apparently Jada has taken more than an interest. She’s already becoming a star.

A sixth grader in South Florida, she has already turned heads with her basketball ability. Now she’s apparently a star in the making in flag football. In an interview with Sports Illustrated’s Monday Morning Quarterback, the elder Vick said his daughter played the 2017 flag football season as her team’s starting quarterback, despite being a full six years younger than some of her teammates.

Here’s the full transcript about Jada’s career from Vick’s interview with MMQB’s Kalyn Kahler:

VICK: My daughter, Jada, she’s in sixth grade. She’s actually in middle school, but she’s the high school varsity quarterback for the all-girls flag football team, so that goes to show how good she is and how good she can throw the ball. She understands the game and I think it is an outlet…

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