/Memorabilia dealer forgives O.J. Simpson for 2007 robbery

Memorabilia dealer forgives O.J. Simpson for 2007 robbery


If the hearing goes as expected, Simpson would be eligible to leave prison on Oct. 1.

One of the sports memorabilia dealers O.J. Simpson targeted in the 2007 armed robbery said he has forgiven the former football star. But Bruce Fromong, the memorabilia dealer from Nevada, declined to say if he is in favor of Simpson being granted parole.

“I am only confirming O.J. apologized to me and I forgive him,’’ Fromong told USA TODAY Sports by text. “Nothing more.’’

Alfred Beardsley, the other sports memorabilia targeted in the robbery at a Las Vegas hotel, died in 2015.


Simpson, having served almost nine years in a Nevada prison, is scheduled to appear via video conference before the Nevada Board of Parole Commissioners on Thursday at 1 p.m. ET.

During Simpson’s previous parole hearing in 2013, during which he was paroled for kidnapping and lesser counts, Simpson said he had apologized to the two memorabilia dealers that Simpson said were in possession of items…

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