/Matt Shoemaker sends support to Little Leaguer who suffered head injury

Matt Shoemaker sends support to Little Leaguer who suffered head injury

Last September, Matt Shoemaker found himself on the wrong side of a scary situation.

On a 3-2 pitch with the Angeles leading 2-0 in the bottom of the second, batter Kyle Seager hit a line drive that flew off his bat at 105 mph directly into the side of Shoemaker’s head, leaving him with a fractured skull and a hematoma. Earlier this year, Shoemaker opened up about the terrifying moment in The Players’ Tribune:

I must have seen the baseball coming at me, because I reacted to it. I got my head turned and my arm up. I actually almost caught it.

But after that, everything just went silent.

Not only did I not hear the ball hitting my head.
I didn’t hear anything at all.


Video of the incident:

Earlier this year, something similar happened to 11 year-old Marc Gencarelli.

A line drive in batting practice ended Marc’s baseball season and left him with a fractured skull. When Shoemaker heard about Gencarelli’s injury, he decided to reach out to the young Little Leaguer and share some inspiring words.

Shoemaker told him not to give up and to stay strong. Then, if that wasn’t enough, he reached out to the player who accidentally injured Gencarelli, telling him that it was an accident and…

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