/Long Island Hometown Gives Steven Matz the Sandwich Treatment

Long Island Hometown Gives Steven Matz the Sandwich Treatment


The neighborhood of Strathmore in Stony Brook, N.Y., has ribbons in Mets colors lining the streets from the main road to the family home of pitcher Steven Matz.

Uli Seit for The New York Times

STONY BROOK, N.Y. — Until this past weekend, there was nothing to indicate to someone driving through the southern reaches of this Long Island hamlet that they were in the realm of baseball greatness. No billboards, no lawn signs, no banners suspended over the road.

But then the blue and orange ribbons suddenly appeared, tied into large bows around lampposts and street signs. By Sunday evening, dozens adorned the sedate suburban blocks, converging on the family home of Mets pitcher Steven Matz, a 24-year-old local boy made good.

The bows came as a surprise to many residents of this middle-class neighborhood, known as the Strathmore S Section, not least the Matz family. The surprise was mostly a pleasant one, it seems, though Matz’s parents, Lori and Ron,…

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