/Lions' Caldwell expected lateral, not Hail Mary

Lions' Caldwell expected lateral, not Hail Mary


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As Aaron Rodgers and the Green Bay Packers lined up for one final untimed down Thursday, the Detroit Lions left arguably their best defense against a Hail Mary pass sitting on their bench.

Jim Caldwell said the Lions opted not to use receiver Calvin Johnson as a deep safety on the final play of the Packers’ miraculous 27-23 victory Thursday because they were concerned about Green Bay running a lateral.

“In that situation we have a couple different things that we do,” Caldwell said. “That was one where you’re kind of looking for more of that pass back and forth kind of thing because of the range. He ran around there so long, moved up, gave himself a chance to get it in the end zone. We had plenty of guys back there. We had plenty guys, we just didn’t make the play. They did.”

Aaron Rodgers completed a 61-yard Hail Mary pass to tight end Richard Rodgers for the…

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