/LeBron puts back questions to rest — for now

LeBron puts back questions to rest — for now

CLEVELAND — The Drive. The Fumble. The Shot. The Decision. … The Back?

LeBron James’ back, the one that required an anti-inflammatory shot almost a year ago and another one earlier in October, has been a constant source of discussion locally and nationally, and a source of angst for Cleveland Cavaliers fans.

His back figures to be a topic all season because James has so many basketball miles on his body as he approaches 31 years old, and any significant issue with his back will impact the Cavaliers’ chances to win an NBA championship.

When he’s not in the game, James has a heating pad wrapped around his back and he’s sometimes stretched out on the hardwood near the Cavaliers’ bench, reminding longtime NBA fans of Boston Celtics great Larry Bird doing the same at the end of his career.

This question comes with the topic: Is this the beginning of a slow decline in James’ abilities?

James dismisses that, but he has addressed his back. So has Cavs coach David Blatt, and even Cavs owner Dan Gilbert was asked about James’ back Friday before the Cavs played the…

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