/Lakers take a 'giant step back' with blowout loss

Lakers take a 'giant step back' with blowout loss

SACRAMENTO — This wasn’t just a loss for the Los Angeles Lakers at Sleep Train Arena on Friday night, this 132-114 defeat against the Sacramento Kings that meant they’ll have to wait until Sunday (against the Dallas Mavericks) to find that elusive first win.

It was a blown job interview.

Remember the summertime story line about DeMarcus Cousins and the Lakers, the one about how he wanted out of Sacramento and as far away from new coach George Karl as possible, and how Kobe Bryant & Co. were ready and very willing to grant his request? While that chatter has been quiet for some time now, the unspoken truth here is that it could be rekindled at any time with the right kind of fuel.

Like, say, a horrific start to the Kings’ season that might prompt the big man to voice his displeasure in the kind of way that often sparks star player trade talks. In one sense, this was merely Game 2 out of 82 for both teams.

Yet for the Lakers, it was their first chance to contribute to their own embattled cause, to not only send an early message to Cousins that the…

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