/Klingberg's dominance growing for Stars

Klingberg's dominance growing for Stars

The Dallas Stars’ status as the NHL’s most dynamic offense was certainly aided by a savvy decision made by a Swedish family eight years ago.

John Klingberg, 23, was a smallish forward from Gothenberg, Sweden, back then.

“When I was 15, all of the other guys started to grow much faster than me,” Klingberg told USA TODAY Sports. “I guess I was late going through puberty. So my dad and granddad told me that they thought I should try play defense.”

Their thinking was that Klingberg’s vision for the game would be a greater benefit to him if he were playing that position.

“I was not the fastest skater or the big guy who can go into the corners,” said Klingberg who was 5-11 when he was drafted in 2010. “If I played ‘D’ I could see the ice more and maybe get more time to have puck.”

As it turned out, the men in Klingberg’s life gave him life-changing advice. The position switch, coupled with the fact he has grown into a 6-2, 185-pound athlete, has allowed him to blossom into a dominant puck-mover.

Although he has only played 90…

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