/How Warriors guard Stephen Curry can be even better

How Warriors guard Stephen Curry can be even better

OAKLAND – Stephen Curry had no shortage of endorsement deals even before he won the NBA’s MVP award, captured the championship and stole hearts of millions of fans who adore him and his humble ways.

But Stephen Colbert was absolutely right when he surmised recently that the Golden State Warriors point guard would be a perfect fit for one more sponsor: Uber.

As the witty late-night talk show host explained in one of Curry’s many high-profile appearances during his summer-long victory lap, Curry has revolutionized the basketball industry in much the same way the transportation service has transformed the driving world. His shooting, above all else, has reached such spectacular levels that it sparked a league-wide movement toward the kind of small ball that is at its best when the long-range game is prioritized and perfected. The taxi drivers might not like it — here’s looking at you, Byron Scott and Phil Jackson — but even they have to admit it’s the wave of basketball’s future.

The remarkable part about Curry is that he has taken it so much…

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