/How the Colts nurse their bodies until Sunday

How the Colts nurse their bodies until Sunday

History hasn’t been kind to the Colts in Pittsburgh in recent years. IndyStar Colts Insiders Stephen Holder and Zak Keefer explain why Sunday may be no different.
Stephen Beard/The Star

There’s the bizarre, the inventive, the downright disgusting. NBA veteran Amar’e Stoudemire spends his off days bathing in a tub of red wine. His rationale? Detoxify his 6-11 frame. Giants wideout Odell Beckham Jr. brushes his teeth with his weak hand. The thinking? Improve his coordination. Longtime MLB outfielder Moises Alou used to urinate on his own hands during spring training. Why … on … earth? To toughen them up, he explained.

Hey, whatever works.

Even if the maneuvers weren’t the same, the motives were. Professional athletes have wedged themselves into the most competitive job market on the planet: the average career in the NFL lasts fewer than four seasons; the NBA, fewer than five; MLB and NHL, under six. Jobs are hard to find and even harder to keep. Fringe players will do anything to stay employed. Elites will do…

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