/Hockey in the Mountains, a High Point in Their Lives

Hockey in the Mountains, a High Point in Their Lives


A group of high-level hockey players recently played three hours of four-on-four games in the mountains of British Columbia.

Shayd Johnston

VANCOUVER, British Columbia — On a recent Friday afternoon, a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity arrived in the form of a text message to many of Vancouver’s elite hockey players. It was a last-minute, impromptu invitation to perhaps the world’s most scenic and unorthodox pickup pond hockey game.

With the instructions vague and the destination unknown, the message read like a top-secret mission.

“My old teammate basically wrote, ‘Hey, we’re playing hockey tomorrow at the top of a mountain, are you in?’ ” said Federico Angel, 28, a former goaltender at the University of Victoria in British Columbia. “There was no other explanation.”

Early the next morning, on Nov. 28, the selected players met at the mouth of Pitt Lake, where a jet boat escorted them through a trail of fog to an isolated beach….

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