/Harbaugh in danger of worst-ever season for Super Bowl winner

Harbaugh in danger of worst-ever season for Super Bowl winner

With his not-so-awful Baltimore Ravens at 1-6, coach John Harbaugh, just three years after winning the Super Bowl, is threatening to put up one of the worst years ever for a Super Bowl-winning coach. How bad is it? FTW crunched the numbers and — it ain’t good.

The only criteria is that we’re looking at seasons in which the coach already has a Super Bowl ring, so, for instance, those first few rebuilding years in Dallas don’t count for Jimmy Johnson. He wasn’t a Super Bowl-winning coach yet, after all. And though we’ll show you which coaches had the worst records coaching any team after winning the Super Bowl, we were especially interested to see the poorest mark put up by a coach who had won a title with that very same team.

(USA TODAY Sports Images)

(USA TODAY Sports Images)

Right now, if you take Harbaugh’s 1-6 record (a .143 winning percentage) and extrapolate it to the whole season, you’d get a record of 2-14, rounding down. (The “actual” win total is 2.29.) That would indeed be the worst ever for a Super Bowl coach still with the team which with he hoisted a Lombardi trophy.

The current “record” belongs to — and this is a surprise — Tom Landry, who was just three years…

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