/Global Soccer: Clubs Spar With UEFA Over Fan Speech

Global Soccer: Clubs Spar With UEFA Over Fan Speech


A Barcelona fan held up a pro-Catalan sign during the Champions League final in Berlin in June.

Marcus Brandt/picture-alliance, via Associated Press

LONDON — The Champions League is awash with money, but it could be headed to court over an issue involving petty cash and freedom of speech.

UEFA, the European authority that owns the tournament, said in its latest statements that 32 clubs shared more than a billion dollars last season for playing in the event.

Barcelona, which won the Champions League final in Berlin, received 61 million euros, or about $67 million, in prize money. Manchester City was one of six other teams to receive more than $50 million for taking part in the 2014-15 tournament.

But both clubs are fighting UEFA over proposed penalties for what they see as free speech by their fans.

Barcelona, at its annual general assembly on Sunday,warned that it would fight UEFA all the way to the Court of Human Rights in Strasbourg, France, after…

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