/Former Ravens LB Zach Orr says doctors have approved return to NFL

Former Ravens LB Zach Orr says doctors have approved return to NFL

The reason behind former Baltimore Ravens linebacker Zach Orr’s abrupt retirement in January sounded dire: a congenital spinal issue he said put him “at increased risk…for a fatality or being paralyzed.” 

Over the last several months, Orr sought out more medical opinions on the vertebra near the top of his spine that hadn’t formed completely and, on Wednesday, declared himself ready to return to the NFL.

“I just kept hearing that from multiple people and some were telling me to just go check out and seek out some more opinions,”  Orr said in an interview on NFL Network’s Good Morning Football.. “My condition, it is rare, … but there’s no actual evidence or facts that I’m at a higher risk than any other player. And it’s actually been documented that a college player who had the exact same thing that I have that returned to play with no problems.”

Orr, 25, Orr was signed as an undrafted free agent out of North Texas by the Ravens three years ago and worked his way into being a cog in the team’s defense. He was a  second-team All-Pro in selection last season. 

Orr and the Ravens were having discussions on a new…

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