/Flyers' Nolan Patrick has second abdominal surgery

Flyers' Nolan Patrick has second abdominal surgery


Published 3:14 p.m. ET June 30, 2017 | Updated 5:57 p.m. ET June 30, 2017

Philadelphia Flyers No. 2 overall pick Nolan Patrick had a second abdominal surgery prior to being drafted and is expected to return to full activity in four to six weeks.

General manager Ron Hextall announced the surgery Friday, a week after the Flyers selected Patrick in the draft. Patrick missed three months last season with a similar injury.

At the scouting combine in early June, Patrick said he actually had a sports hernia on both sides and one was “misdiagnosed.” Philadelphia-based Dr. William Meyers performed the surgery June 13.

“Nolan was hurt last summer and it was repaired on the 13th,” Hextall said on a conference call Friday.

“To me, that brought clarity to us in terms of what’s been nagging him the whole year. There was something there. For us it was almost — I don’t want to say it was a positive — but when you look at everything that happened to him during the year and in and out, now we know what the issue was.”

Sports hernia or abdominal surgeries are common for hockey players, though recovery times vary based on the severity of the original injury, type of…

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