/Encounters: Kelly Rohrbach, as C.J., Brings a New Swing to ‘Baywatch’

Encounters: Kelly Rohrbach, as C.J., Brings a New Swing to ‘Baywatch’

“C. J. was originally written as more standoffish,” Ms. Rohrbach said, speaking of the film version of the voluptuous lifeguard. “I suggested we make her more approachable. Less of a ‘hot girl’ figure. And she takes her job very seriously.”


Ms. Rohrbach as C.J. Parker in “Baywatch.”

Frank Masi/Paramount Pictures, via Associated Press

Offscreen, Ms. Rohrbach takes her golf game very seriously. After one or two more swings, she paused to resituate herself. She looked for a hair tie in the many pockets of the nondescript black golf bag she brought with her when she moved from the East Coast five years ago. She found an elastic band she didn’t quite like but used it anyway.

“Does this pink thing look really nerdy?” she asked. “Golf wear isn’t the sexiest attire.”

Anyway, Ms. Rohrbach is not in it for the outfits. She is a serious player, or at least she used to be, having played since she was a child growing up in Greenwich, Conn.

“There are not a lot of young girls who play golf,” Ms. Rohrbach said…

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