/Earl Woods predicted how Tiger's career would end

Earl Woods predicted how Tiger's career would end

Tiger’s (de)press conference before the start of the Hero World Challenge on Tuesday was really disheartening, and in it he struck such a somber tone that people started wondering if this was his first step towards retirement. It might all be an overreaction, of course, but it’s nevertheless clear to everyone that Tiger’s best days are most certainly behind him.

Let’s say Tiger does manage to make it back, win a few more times but never claims another major. That will end his career with 14 majors. That, weirdly, is the exact number that Tiger’s father, Earl Woods, predicted he would win back in 1995.

According to Sports Illustrated:

“I’m going to make a prediction,” Earl Woods said Sunday night, as champagne both tingled and loosened his tongue. “Before he’s through, my son will win 14 major championships.”

Why couldn’t he have just predicted 19 majors and no back injuries instead? Although, in fairness, he did also predict that Tiger Woods would surpass Jack Nicklaus in global popularity: