/Corey Dillon wishes to mend fences with Bengals

Corey Dillon wishes to mend fences with Bengals

Corey Dillon made a career of leaving wreckage in his wake.

He left the Denver Broncos bruised and embarrassed during his 22-carry, 278-yard, then-NFL record rushing day in 2000. A string of opponents suffered his tenacious running style racking up six consecutive 1,100-yard seasons for the Bengals from 1997-2002.

Yet, Dillon’s notorious claim he’d rather “flip burgers” than return to the team in 2000 and stating he wanted out in 2003 left scars on Bengals management before eventually being dealt to New England.

He’d win a Super Bowl during his greatest season with the Patriots in 2004 and career numbers should place him in more Hall of Fame conversations.

Still, the path to his ultimate moment in the league was tattered thanks to a rocky means to his Cincinnati end.

Dillon, 42, can see that now. He’s never made contact with the Bengals – nor vice versa – about a return to Paul Brown Stadium or opportunity to mend fences.

Until now.

As one of the top…

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