/Conor McGregor attempts to explain comments on race

Conor McGregor attempts to explain comments on race


If you thought Floyd Mayweather and Conor McGregor would have run out of things to say on their third stop, you’d be very wrong.

NEW YORK — Facing mounting criticism over controversial remarks about race, Conor McGregor tried to dismiss the perception that he has mocked black people during a media tour to promote his fight against Floyd Mayweather.

“That doesn’t sit well with me,” McGregor told reporters in a press conference Thursday night. “I’m very multi-cultured. I’m a multi-cultured individual. I don’t have any ill feelings toward anybody. I don’t even see color. I just wanted to say something and have a little fun with it.

“I just wanted to address it and play with it in my own little way. It’s stupid and it’s ridiculous and that’s basically what I was getting at.”

McGregor is dealing from the fallout of a comment made in an interview that appeared to be racially insensitive.

In an interview published to YouTube Wednesday, Jimmy Kimmel Live’s Guillermo Rodriguez asked McGregor who would win a fight between McGregor and…

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