/Column: Can't somebody speed up the game of baseball?

Column: Can't somebody speed up the game of baseball?


Published 5:57 p.m. ET July 12, 2017 | Updated 5:57 p.m. ET July 12, 2017

That didn’t last long.

A day after basking in the glow of the most watched All-Star Home Run Derby in nearly a decade, reality intruded on baseball. Though fans still seems to dig the long ball, they don’t seem too keen about the game itself.

That’s a real problem for the sport, though it’s hard to blame fans for not tuning in for the All-Star Game. Those in Miami were so disinterested themselves that there were empty seats visible around the ballpark even as the game was tied 1-1 in the late innings.

Baseball should be thriving this season, coming off a historic World Series last year that captivated the country. Marquee teams like the Yankees and Dodgers are playing well and there’s an intriguing new crop of sluggers led by Home Run Derby star Aaron Judge that offer some appeal.

New ballparks are bringing in…

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