/Chargers fans rejecting possible move to L.A.

Chargers fans rejecting possible move to L.A.

SAN DIEGO — A bombardment of boos blasted the stage here Wednesday night as soon as Mark Fabiani stepped up to speak.

His message was short. After 14 years of trying to get a new stadium in San Diego, the San Diego Chargers finally might just give up and move to Los Angeles instead.

Blame the politicians, said Fabiani, the public voice of Chargers team ownership.

“It’s incredibly unfair that the Chargers fans who have been so great to the team over the years are now bearing the brunt of the decisions made my politicians over the last 14 years,” Fabiani told the crowd of about 450 Chargers fans.

But they didn’t want to hear it.

“Bull!” one of them yelled in response.

“Tell the truth for once!” shouted another.

Such was the scene here at the latest NFL forum for fans of teams that soon might ditch town for greener pastures.

It was loud. It was angry. It was sad. But no matter how much they pleaded for the Chargers to stay in San Diego, many…

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