/Can Ventura keep composure for Royals in Game 3?

Can Ventura keep composure for Royals in Game 3?

NEW YORK — Yordano Ventura vs. New York fans may not be the last, best hope for the Mets as they aim to claw back into a World Series they trail 2-0.

But a juiced-up crowd welcoming to Citi Field a pitcher who battles his emotions on the mound may not be the worst way to change the tone of a series that’s turned badly against the Mets.

“Our fans are pretty tough,” manager Terry Collins said Thursday, an off day as the Mets and Kansas City Royals shift from Missouri to New York. “They’re tough. They’re strong and they’re tough. I’ve been on the other side of the field, not in the World Series, but on the other side of the field in New York City in a big series and it’s hard. It’s tough.

“We’re glad to be back here.”

Sure, Collins didn’t mention Ventura by name, but he certainly wouldn’t mind if the Citi Field crowd made conditions a little tougher for the Royals’ Game 3 starter.

Ventura was 9 years old the last time a World Series game was played in Queens, a drought that will end Friday night. Ventura’s just 24 years old now, but this will be his…

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