/Atlanta Hawks don't plan to change their style

Atlanta Hawks don't plan to change their style

ATLANTA — The Hawks romanced Atlanta fans with the extra pass and 3-pointers all-day-from anywhere-from anybody. They were appreciated because they were such a melting pot of talents — Jeff Teague’s reads and lickety-split drives, Kyle Korver’s 3-point eye, Paul Millsap’s diversity, Al Horford’s steadiness, DeMarre Carroll’s energy, and the long bench. Many fans squeezed in under the Hawks evangelical tent to hear of The Coming, the team that would replace the Superstar Model of the NBA and put ‘Humble’ on a pedestal in the place of the haloed star.

You saw what happened. LeBron James ripped the stakes of that revival tent right out of the ground. The Hawks’ enterprise cratered at the hands of a ferocious superstar trying to get Cleveland its first title of any kind in 50 years.

So who wants to preach wholesome, pass-first basketball after that LBJ maelstrom in the Eastern Conference Finals, a 4-0 sweep? Well, the Hawks have heard your taunts, but their identity is not up for debate, even with the crushing defeat to the Cavaliers. They…

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