/Adam Silver backs Kevin Durant, NBA's 'competitive balance'

Adam Silver backs Kevin Durant, NBA's 'competitive balance'


USA TODAY Sports’ Sam Amick breaks down how the Warriors seem primed for revenge in this year’s NBA Finals against the Cavaliers.

Kevin Durant, who altered the NBA’s landscape when he left Oklahoma City for Golden State last July, doesn’t think the lack of league-wide parity in today’s NBA is his fault, and commissioner Adam Silver agrees.

“I heard Kevin Durant say something like this the other day. I think it’s, first of all, a little unfair to him to blame him for the lack of so-called competitive balance at the moment in the league,” Silver said Wednesday on ESPN’s Mike & Mike in the Morning. “He could have only impacted one team. Had he stayed in Oklahoma City or gone somewhere else, there’s no doubt that that team would have been better. But it wouldn’t have changed the fortunes for 27 other teams in the league.”

Durant, in an interview with USA TODAY Sports’ Sam Amick last week, expressed similar sentiments.

“Like I’m the reason why (expletive) Orlando couldn’t make the playoffs for five, six years in a row?” he…

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