/11 Things We (May) Have Learned From the N.B.A. Openers

11 Things We (May) Have Learned From the N.B.A. Openers


Russell Westbrook (0) had 33 points and 10 assists in Oklahoma City’s victory against San Antonio on Wednesday.

Sue Ogrocki/Associated Press

The N.B.A. season is only two nights old, and drawing ironclad conclusions from what has been seen so far would be foolhardy. Still, even with the tiny sample size, there are trends that seem to be coming into view.

With the risk of looking stupid at the end of the season (or even in a week) here are some early-season truisms:

The Thunder are back (and LaMarcus Aldridge may not be a panacea for the Spurs).

Thunder 112, Spurs 106

After three trips to the conference finals or better in four years, the Thunder crashed to earth last season, missing the playoffs entirely in the tough Western Conference. The main reason was the loss of Kevin Durant for most of the season with various foot, ankle and toe problems.

In the 27 games he did play last season, Durant averaged 25 points, and while his 6-for-19 shooting Wednesday…

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